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“Let the main part of the diet be meat, to the exclusion of all else.” ~ Walt Whitman (src)


Surf fishing Southern California beach, August 2020

Tyler is a Southern California Zoomer transplant to Southwestern Idaho. This is where he documents his journey in learning about, thinking (and overthinking) about, practicing and enjoying: recreational fishing, the art and science of outdoor cooking, the hunting and harvesting of wild game and various related pursuits.

A substantial volume of existing content addressing these topics through books, blogs, online video channels, podcasts and so forth operate (or at least claim to operate) from perspectives of seasoned-wisdom, significant life-long experience, professional-level expertise and inherited traditions.

By contrast, the goal of this blog is to share and produce content from a younger, largely inexperienced and somewhat outsider perspective formed by a suburban info-tech and internet immersed upbringing. This may include posing questions, analyzing ideas and offering opinions not widely expressed in other public media, or simply describing significant experiences as experienced.

Beyond self-education the primary hope is content published here will help others (possibly coming from similar places) evaluate, learn and enjoy these hobbies and subjects in kind.

Outdoor Recreation Resume

  • raised spin-tackle fishing modest freshwater lakes in Southern California, targeting largemouth bass and other sunfish, and eventually channel catfish as well
  • in Autumn 2016, took up surf fishing the Southern California coast, primarily for barred surf perch
  • in Summer 2017, took interest in charcoal grilling, purchased Weber Jumbo Joe 18" kettle grill
  • in Summer 2019, had the opportunity to visit Southwest Idaho and try fly fishing, caught first rainbow trout on a nymph
  • also in Summer 2019, began practicing a high-fat-low-carb diet, which lends well to meat-oriented cooking
  • in Autumn 2019, began experimenting with pellet-grill cooking
  • in Summer 2020, moved to Southwest Idaho intending to focus on abundant opportunities available there

Outdoor Goals


  • land a legally harvestable brown trout on the fly
  • land a legally harvestable California Halibut from the surf

Favorite Outdoor Recreation Content and Educational Resources


  1. MeatEater Podcast (MeatEater)
  2. Cutting the Distance w/ Remi Warren (MeatEater) & Wild and Whole w/ Remi Warren
  3. Hunt Talk Radio w/ Randy Newberg
  4. The Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast w/ Tom Rossenbauer




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